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The National Network to End Violence Against Immigrant Women seeks to challenge and eliminate all forms of oppression and discrimination against immigrant women facing violence by empowering them to build better lives of their choice.




The National Network to End Violence Against Immigrant Women is a coalition of survivors, immigrant women, advocates, activists, attorneys, educators, and other professionals committed to ending violence against immigrant women by:

  • Working with diverse immigrant communities to prevent violence against women.

  • Building capacity for immigrant women to become leaders against all forms of violence.

  • Promoting an understanding of the complex realities of immigrant women facing violence.

  • Providing technical and training support to service providers, attorneys, community advocates, and other professionals (both governmental and non-governmental) working with immigrant women at the local, state, federal, and international levels.

  • Increasing public awareness, education, and understanding of issues around violence against women, and in particular, immigrant women.

  • Promoting law and public policy reforms at the local, state, and national levels that benefit immigrant women facing violence

  • Sharing best practices throughout the network locally, nationally, and globally.




The Network works to improve the lives of immigrant women who are victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and trafficking in a variety of different ways, including:

  • Organizing national and/or regional conferences each year. The next national conference is early November 2007. The Network conference attracts attendees from many sectors including domestic violence and sexual assault victim advocates, legal service providers, immigration, family law and domestic violence attorneys, immigrant survivors, health care and social services providers and government officials. This interactive conference provides the opportunity to learn, share and collaborate to improve legal options and access to justice and services for immigrant victims. This conference includes many attendees who are grantees of the Office of Violence Against Women of the Department of Justice. For registration information for the Network's upcoming conferences please visit our Events page

  • Providing technical assistance to advocates, attorneys, social services providers, justice system personnel, grassroots immigrant survivors programs, immigrant community based organizations, health care providers and others working to help immigrant victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and trafficking. The Network offers technical assistance to professionals supporting work on individual cases as well as technical assistance on advocacy strategies to improve treatment of immigrant survivors by the justice, social services, benefits and health care systems.

  • Developing training materials and serving as faculty for training immigration and family lawyers, justice system personnel, domestic violence and sexual assault advocates, Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice personnel, government workers, and health care providers on the legal rights of immigrant survivors of violence. For more info

  • Enhancing legal options for immigrant survivors by securing the passage and implementation of federal legislation including the 1994 and 2000 Violence Against Women Acts (VAWA) which included immigration protections for immigrant survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking and other crimes, legal services access for battered immigrants in 1997 and public benefits access for battered immigrants including those who are VAWA eligible.

  • Advocating with government officials to ensure that federal, state and local justice, benefits, social services and health care systems treat immigrant women and children with respect and affords them all the benefits intended by Congress.

  • Developing multilingual outreach materials for victims. To access these materials visit:
    Legal Momentum
  • Developing projects to expand access to services for immigrants living in rural areas
  • Expanding access to shelter and housing for immigrant victims.
  • Supporting the work of local advocates and attorneys to improve treatment of and protection for immigrant victims by the family and criminal courts.




The National Network to End Violence Against Immigrant Women (Network), founded in 1992, is a broad-based coalition of more than five hundred organizations and individuals that advocate. provide services, and offer assistance to immigrant victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and trafficking.

The Network is co-chaired by the Family Violence Prevention Fund, The Immigrant Women Program of Legal Momentum (formerly NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund), and ASISTA Immigration Technical Assistance Project. The three co-chair organizations contribute their special expertise and experience to the technical assistance, training and advocacy leadership the Network provides.

The Family Violence Prevention Fund specializes in promoting community-based strategies to respond and prevent violence against immigrant women. As such, FVPF focuses on building capacity and leadership of immigrant women from diverse communities, training on cultural competency for service providers, law enforcement and advocates and the development and dissemination of culturally and linguistically appropriate resource materials.

Legal Momentum specializes in issues that arise for immigrant victims in family law, justice system, benefits, housing, trafficking, sexual assault, and immigration cases.

ASISTA Immigration Technical Assistance Project specializes in intermediate and advanced immigration law issues.

The Network has undertaken numerous projects that address the needs of battered immigrant women and children and immigrant survivors of sexual assault and trafficking. Through a collaborative approach, the Network has made great progress in assuring that non-citizen victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and trafficking are able to flee abuse, survive crimes and receive assistance.





The National Network is directed by the 3 co-chair organizations, the Family Violence Prevention Fund, The Immigrant Women Program of Legal Momentum (formerly NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund) and ASISTA Immigration Technical Assistance Project, supported by a National Advisory Committee with members representing diverse disciplines, backgrounds, and immigrant communities.