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What Women Need from a Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill

Please click here to read the Network's statement.

The National Network urges Congress to respond to the growing immigrants’ rights movement in cities and towns, large and small, across the country. As Leslye Orloff, Director of Legal Momentum’s Immigrant Women Program, said, “Immigrant women and children and the rest of the country want comprehensive immigration reform that honors our country’s tradition as a nation of immigrants and as a protector of victims of violence or persecution.”

The National Network to End Violence Against Immigrant Women is comprised of over 3,000 professionals nationwide including police, sheriffs, district attorneys, probation officers, prosecutors, health providers, faith-based organizations, rape crisis centers, domestic violence shelters, mental health professionals, child protective services workers, and immigrant rights’ groups. The Network’s members are joined together by a common purpose -- working towards the eradication of all forms of violence perpetrated against immigrant women and children including domestic abuse, sexual assault, human trafficking, and stalking.

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