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Membership in the National Network to End Violence Against Immigrant Women enriches practice, case management, advocacy efforts and culturally competent government practices. Members learn from the expertise and experience of others, share knowledge and strategies, and participate in collaborative efforts to improve legal options and access to justice and services for immigrant survivors of violence.

To become a member, please fill out this FORM .

Membership Benefits
Members of the Network may receive and access:
  • Network updates and action alerts on the latest changes in laws, policies, and administrative issues affecting noncitizen survivors

  • List servs providing practice pointers on immigration, family law, benefits and access to legal, shelter, housing, and social services

  • Individual technical assistance that supports those providing services and assistance to immigrant survivors

  • Notification of regional and national trainings and conferences

  • Training materials for advocates and attorneys

  • Multilingual outreach materials for victims and survivors

  • Educational materials for judges, prosecutors, law enforcement, and other justice system personnel

  • Referrals to domestic violence attorneys, domestic violence and sexual assault service professionals, immigration practitioners, family law and benefits specialists in all US jurisdictions with experience working with immigrant survivors

  • Intervention by Network liaisons with government decision makers to resolve problems
Membership Responsibilities

Network members must be willing to affirm the right of each person to live without fear or the threat of violence, including immigrant women and children. Members respond to requests for information and action alerts and inform the Network about problems immigrant survivors encounter in your communities (including but not limited to problems encountered in family courts, with benefits providers, in the justice system and accessing immigration relief). Members help develop and implement efforts to remedy problems. If you participate in a local network of service providers, a local domestic violence coordinating council, or local immigrant rights network, you are encouraged to communicate to your network what you learn about the legal rights and services provided to immigrant survivors and to urge others to provide services to immigrant victims to participate in Network sponsored conferences and trainings and to join the National Network.
Membership Fees

There are no membership fees, only the commitment to participate in the efforts of the Network of ending violence against immigrant women.